Dram frquency and right timings for ddr3 ram

ok lets start with my system config
asus p5q3
intel q9550
ddr3 1333mhz ram
600watts psu

i oc my cpu from 2.83ghz to 3.4ghz
i have some doubts with my dram frequency and timings

oc settings
fsb frequency 400
dram frequency ddr3-961
dram timings 5-5-5-15
cpu voltage 1.23
fsb termination voltage 1.3
dram voltage 2.00
nb voltage 1.3

i am running now prime95 blend test

i'm at work now so i dont know if its still running (hope it stil run)

are my rams settings good enough to run with 3.4ghz processor?

or did i set my dram timings so tiny?
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  1. Why are you running DDR3-1333 at 961MHz? Seems like kind of a waste...
  2. cjl said:
    Why are you running DDR3-1333 at 961MHz? Seems like kind of a waste...

    cause i am not an expert when it come overclocking

    but hey, 12hours running prime95 blend with no errors seems like my settings are good..

    so if my ram are too low,,then can u plz tell and explain to me what should i do?
  3. btw,, my temps are low 40 full load,idle below 28
  4. I think what CJ was implying is you spent to much $$$ on the ram. Slower, and hence cheaper ram would have saved you money. There is little reason to buy DDR3 ram with a C2D/C2Q setup, the FSB is simply to slow. Cheaper DDR2 could have done what your doing.

    Overall it looks ok to me, other then you spent to much.
  5. well ur right, fsb too slow,,

    i'm a newbie to oc'ng so step by step i'm learning how to be a pro to overclocking,

    that's why i'm here,, to ask,, to learn how to change setting,,voltagesfrequencies ecc...

    my goal is to reach max cpu speed 3.8ghz with air cooling..
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