What External HDD to Buy?

Hey guys,

I've decided its finally time for me to get an external hdd for backups and extra storage and was wondering which hdd's you might suggest.

I'm not too worried about the transfer rates as this hdd will most likely hold movies, music, daily backups and some other data. I'm looking for one with a capacity of 1TB or more.

If you need any other info just let me know. Thanks guys

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  1. I think if you go above 1TB, prices go up immensely. In any case, I'd suggest any Western Digital passport.
  2. I think you should go for Samsung Story Station 1.5TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive it has good quality
    Samsung has developed solid, reliable data storage to store your precious memories up to 1.5 TB. The STORY Station safely downloads and protects your lifetime memories video clips, photos, music files, and important data that are so valuable and not easily replaced. Samsung STORY Station is the best storage solution to capture and preserve your life story. Minimalism is the design concept of STORY Station. Every element the finely brushed metal finish, simple jog dial, and red-belted cable outlet...
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