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I play Bioshock, Crysis (even if it's a slide show), Call of Duty 4 and other FPS. My psu is a Hiper R 580 watt with 12v1 at 20A and 12v2 at 18A. According to Nvidia's requirements 8800gt sli (think 24 or 26A with 550W) this is adequate but I'm not convinced seems like I'd be pushing it. Just need something to hold me over till Amd RV870 or Nvidia Gt2?? hopefully next year.
According to extreme calculator max power is 457W
So More or less I guess are my 12V rails enough or not?

Proposed System Specs:
E6600@ 3.0Ghz vcore 1.375v (b2 stepping and vid of 1.325v sucks)
1 Western Digital 320gb Hd
Asus Striker Extreme Mb
Zalman 90mm Heatsink
Asus Dvd/rw drive
2 8800gts
2 gb G-skill ram
Windows Xp
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  1. just wondering, r u asking if u can get another 8800gt to do sli with that psu? Not sure if it can handle the power consumption? is that ur question?
  2. Yeah, sorry just wondering if my psu can handle sli 8800gt's. Appreciate any feedback.
  3. seems like your cutting it a little close. you probably can, but might run into performance problems. I ran a 2900XT on a 350 watt psu POS thing, but it worked with **** fps in games, but then agian 150 fps on css was fine. Same video card on a antec 550watt psu used to get 250+ on same game. If your planning to get another 8800, i say get another good quality psu with it, to also hold you up for a better video card in the future
  4. Thanks norV, I was thinking the same thing. Don't think it's worth taking the chance of the psu surging and frying everything.
  5. it should be enough your setup probably uses 400w peak at most.
  6. Yes, the Hiper 580w should be fine, i would run it without a worry.
  7. I would recommend 450w if you're tight on money and 550-650w if you're OK with it.

    Gives you plenty of room for future upgrades.... like the big meaty graphice card next year :D
  8. I meant to say graphics* sorry :P
  9. Thanks for the responses. Guess I might as well give it a try what the ***.
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