4870 VRM Safe Temps?

Hello all,

Well I have had my 4870 for alil while now and have been using the stock cooler, which is effective (if fan speed set correctly), but as we all know is quite loud. So I bought an Arctic Cooling Accelero Twin Turbo GPU cooler and installed it about a day or so ago. All of my temps dropped to what I had expected except for the VRM temps. I am using GPU-Z to monitor the temps. I have used cat 8.8 and 8.9. 8.9 rose the VRM temp, but only slightly by around 1 or 2 degree's c.

I have tried several different heat sinks, fan speeds and re-applied the sinks several times, but the temps stay pretty relative. I am idling my VRM's in the mid to upper 60c range and it appears during load on 3Dmark it will range 90 - 100c and in a game such as Crysis it creeps into the 100c+ mark. I have looked around and have seen other peoples VRM's also getting quite hot, but never was able to find what safe temp would be.

I read somewhere that someone who spoke with an ATI/AMD rep that 125c was the max...credible source?...idk, it was in another forum. So I ask if anyone knows what the safe range of temps is on the VRM's and if I am lookin ok or not. One isssue that I have is that I seem to have forgotten what my VRM temps were when I had the stock cooler, so I have no area for reference. TBH, they could possibly be the same as they were before and I would be unsure...I just flatout forgot to look at them before I switched the coolers. All help appreciated and thanks in advance.

P.S. I have my fan speed on the cooler set to around 65%...noise level is comparable to around 28 - 30% of the original cooler, but I have raised it up to 100, with no significant affect on the VRM's. A change in the room temp actually affects them more so than the fan speed...atleast above 60% or so.


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  1. i've read that the highest it's rated for is 126 C

    My VRM currently goes well over 150 C... I changed my video bios so i'm no longer experiencing crashes, but still it seems WAY to hot, and I don't really know how to lower the temperatures
  2. going over 150? Thats rediculous. Are you using the stock cooler? What are your idle temps? I am just curious for comparison. I also has seen the 126c rating. I have yet to experience a crash, so I guess I am good in that regard.


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