is the CPU Fan Supposed to be ALWAYS on?

is the CPU Fan supposed to be always on...? IS the question and i'm hoping you have an answer Because... my CPU fan used to spin (slowly) when on and has been like that since I bought it, 4 years ago!
I have an Intel P4 Socket 775, Prescott CPU (which I heard was notorious for heat..?) I have a stock cooler and 3 fans pointing at the b****rd. My fan will spin upon startup then stop while the PC is on... I don't know any program compatible of reading the core temperature. (if you know then I shall be greatful)

If this CPU blows up while i'm typing this post then I apologize... and I will be asking mother for one of those fancy quad core thingy's that cost alot of that silly paper with the queens head printed on it.

Enough stupid talk, any answers anybody...? :heink:

(PS: This was reposted due to incorrect category, now I think this is the right one :P)
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  1. The CPU fan will usually be running. It may be adjustable in the BIOS. It should ramp up its speed as the CPU heats up. If yours doesn't, perhaps its bearings are seizing up. You may wish to replace it. That will also mean cleaning off and re-applying the thermal interface material. Many HSFs come with some. You can remove the old goop with some 91% isopropyll alcohol. Your local chemist should have it, or even a grocery store.
  2. well as far as i know the cpu fan is supposed to always be on. i have heard that the c2d, with good case cooling can run with no fan but its not suggested.

    Speedfan is a decent program that reads temperature's.
  3. Yes, the fan should always be on. It will not however always be at the same RPM depending on your fan controller.

    That being said there are several reasons for a fan to stop spinning, most of them related to age.

    - Your fan may be dead, it saddly happens as the things age
    - It may simply just be dirty, hair and dust will drastically impeed the fan
    - The power connection may be impropperly connected

    Since it starts to spin at boot up and then later stops it is probably dirty. Pet hair and dust will wrap around the bearing (or the blades themselves depending on the fan design). This will cause very intermitant fan performance. First thing to do is get in there and clean it with a good dose of compressed air.
  4. I should make it clear, sorry, that my fan only spins upon startup but I went to watch some TV with my mum and dad and came back in to talk to my pal's on msn when I noticed it was spinning. Do you think it will be on and off forever or does it just stop spinning sometimes and speed up whenever the CPU gets too hot? And I have SMART 3PIN Fan Control to ON in my BIOS settings.

    Thanks very much so far. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Some mobos (e.g. Gigabyte) won't start the CPU fan until the CPU hits a threshhold temperature. This is adjustable in the BIOS.
  6. ** I have injected fresh thermal paste, cleaned with a special USB hoover lol and I checked the temps in BIOS at around 36c and my room temp is about 24-26c (nice and warm for Scottish winter :P) What I really wanted to know was there any program that would tell me the temp of my CPU? As the common Core temperature or CPU temperature doesnt support my CPU as it doesn't have Intel Core..? **
  7. yeh. my mobo is Gigabyte...
  8. Can I ask you... ancient poster lol how the hell did you join in 1970?!? You must have been around the same age as me lol about 14? (I can't be bothered with the math...)

    You probably dont remember but you have always helped me with my posts. and especially on a graphic card question, in which you replied several times all with great answers. You, sir... you are a legend :D

    Respect to the man! :)
  9. Well, I try to be helpful, but I continue to learn a lot from others who have been here for a long time also. The true legends don't appear very often; some have left, and others like the Great Grape Ape only weigh in on rare occasions.
    How did you "inject" new thermal paste? You need to remove the HSF, clean off the old, and re-apply new.
    On my last Gigabyte, I went into the BIOS and set the threshhold so low that the fan would always run, but I think I set the initial speed really low too so it would still be quiet.
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