Ram overclock, gone?1?

Hey, about 4 months ago I overclocked my G skill ram F2-8500CL5-2GBPK from 800 to 1066 but now I go look at CPU-Z and it shows the DRAM frequency at 400.7MHz

Now works out to be 800Mhz correct? so its some how reveresed back to 800Mhz form my overclock of 1066.

Whats happened?

I also cant find the options to overclock it back and cant rememember how to.

any help?

Thank you.
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  1. That is 800 MHZ.
    Increase the memory voltage to 2.1v.
    Increase the northbridge voltage one notch.
    Relax the timings.
    Run memtest86+ and check for errors.
  2. In the bios, set the memory options to manual. Then you should be able to make these changes.
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