Intel dual core E5200... budget mobo?

Hope it's not asked every other day... didn't see any recent posts that helped me and the jungle of mobos available just was too much for somebody of me knowledge level.

If I want a mobo with pcie (2.0 if it makes a difference with my HD3850 otherwise 16x), two SATA2 connectors, integrated audio, 2 ram slots minimum, what is the typical budget mobo that people get?

Looking at the Asus P5KPL-CM...
I have two HDDs, one floppy drive, one DVD-burner, one PCIE card, two case fans... do I need more than that one? I have a hard time seeing the difference between that one and those that are twice as expensive... :-/ I'm not overclocking btw (most likely).
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  1. For a budget non-overclocking rig, I recommend getting an AMD 6000 over the E5200. Not only is it faster, but it's cheaper, and cheap AMD mobos tend to be way better then a cheap Intel mobo.

    Get an ASUS M3A78-EM ($78. The AMD 780G chipset is fantastic.)

    and the AMD 6000

    It also offers far more upgrade possibilities because of the fact that LGA775 is now being replaced, and AM2/AM2+ boards should work with future AM3 processors.

    Good luck!
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