Just Built My First PC! Have Some Questions!

Ok hi all. i just build my first gaming pc. and i gave it some thought for a month or so before i decided to do it. believe it or not it went without a hitch. no hardware/software issues at all everything worked right out of the box i was amazed after reading reviews of DOA for system parts. i spent with shipping and all $1200 on the system. here are the parts.

* ALL parts from Newegg.com *

Thermaltake M9 Mid Tower Case.
4 120mm Case fans. 2 Blowing in on the side panel 1 blowing in from the front and 1 blowing out in the back.
BIOSTAR Tseries. TA790GX A2+
AMD Px4 9850 BE 2.5GHz Quad Core
8GB A-data DDR2 RAM 800 MHz with Head spreaders Four 2GB chips.
320GB Western Digital HD 7200RPM
Samsung DvD Burner with Litescribe
Antec 850Watt PSU ( 80% CTF )
Windows Vista 64-bit SP1

ok specs aside im wondering if the CPU will be ok with the Stock Heat Sink and fan. please not im not going to overclock anything on this system yes im going to be gaming with it but im just not into overclocking. when i restart the system the bios will show my CPU temp and its normally in the 32c-38c range. so im guessing there could be a 10-15c maybe even 20c jump or so under load? should i change the fan config and get a aftermarket heatsink and fan or do u think it will be ok with Stock?

Also please rate my system :D
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  1. Finally, someone who picked the right board for Phenom. We have a winner.

    I'd have gone with HD4870, but to each his own.

    That is quite a regular temp range for the cpu. You might want this:


    The stock more than suffices for a stock pc.
  2. ok i downloaded Speedfan and fan a stress test so all four cores where 100%. and i hit 49c. im in the green as far as my cooling goes?
  3. *Update i was going more testing and i was hitting 55c.
  4. Not too high under load.
  5. Just a suggestion: Since you have 8GB RAM you might want to reduce the size of your Pagefile depending on what you do (ie gaming, CAD,etc)
  6. im justin a aftermarket cooler just to be safe but thanks.
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