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You did a article on disk drive upgrade. What like to know is that Hitachi purchase Deskstar from IBM. Did Hitachi fix the problem with the Deskstar disk when it dies, it is all a once. No chance of backup. The computer working then it starts to act up, so you reboot and doesn't come back. This has happen on more then a dozen PCs and laptops. I call the old disk Deathstar. I've been work on computers for about 10yrs and if someone has a computer that has a problem and it has a Deskstar disk it is usually the disk gone bad and no chance to get anything off the disk. When I work on a computer that has the old IBM Deskstar disk and it is over 2yrs old I tell them to get a new drive ASAP and backup everything.
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  1. I've had about 15 disks from every brand on nearly 10 machines, seen 3 dead disks, and none was a Hitachi. Users with more experience tell about the same.

    Hitachi is reliable because IBM was and Hitachi made a good job thereafter. Just as Excelstor, which produces and sells Hitachi technology, has reliable disks.

    And if you look at THE reliability report for Hdd, published by Google from their own huge experience, they say reliability depends on the model and the serial number, not on the brand.
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