new PSU + 4850 = slow boot

hey guys
i have an hp a3108f3p power supply in my ibm thinkcentre m51 (8143).
i just bought a radeon hd4850 so i need to upgrade the power supply to 450 w or greater.
my chipset is intel 915g

a computer guy recommended the Silent ATX2POW450HS. it's $86 and i'm not too sure if it's the right one.

i measured the dimensions, and the maximum WxDxH appears to be ~6in x ~6in x ~4.5in

are there cheaper alternatives? how can i check to see if it will work with everything?

EDIT: see my post at the bottom. bought a new PSU and installed both PSU and 4850, and now it's very, very slow to boot. sometimes it boots but then when i shutdown and try again it stops at a blank screen after the logo.

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  1. Don't skimp on your PS, its a primary piece of equipment required for your computer. StarTech is decent brand.

    Look here for more options:

    Does your motherboard use a 20 or 24pin main connector? Make sure that the PS you buy has the size you need. Most come with a 20+4 adapter, but be sure.

    The only requirements is that it would be ATX (matching your motherboard and case) assuming your parts are ATX.
  2. how do i check if my motherboard and parts and case are ATX?

    and my mobo has a 24pin main connector, it was the biggest one and i counted 24 holes in the connector :P
  3. Most motherboards are ATX or mATX (ATX works with mATX), but do you know what model motherboard you have?

    If not, it not a big deal, but just a typical way to be sure.
  4. I would just assume a typical ATX PS is fine.
  5. hey, i installed hwinfo and all it says for motherboard model is IBM IBM.
    motherboard chipset is intel 915g + ICH6
    computer model is 8143vkn... and i don't know how to check manually, but i'd be happy to try
  6. Get an Antec Earth Watts 650 and it will rock anything at the $70 price point

    You can check for reviews and you'll see how great it is.

    It's usually $100 PSU on sale for $30 off.

    A great power supply, it performs about exactly the same as the great Corsair 650TX 650w power supply. The only real difference is the Antec looks like crap and is MUCH cheaper, few people would care about a power supplies looks anyway and you would need a side window to see a difference.
  8. Wow, serpent beat me to it by 1 second... lol. Also don't worry, the Antec Earthwatt 650w has been about that price for awhile and will be for awhile.
  9. i'm looking for a good low cost 450w psu... how about this one

    i'm concerned about is compatibility.. the one above will fit into the case.. but how do i know if it will work with all the parts?
  10. Good and low price aren't words you should be using about power supplies. The Antec 650 recommended is a GREAT buy, and a good foundation to replace the rest of your 4+ year old computer...
  11. ok i went out and bought a 520W PSU for $75, and installed that and the radeon 4850. i installed the drivers, but now windows xp is taking AGES to boot up (it gets past the logo, shows the mouse on a black screen). when rebooting for the driver installation i got a BSOD, something about pci.. i forgot ><

    maybe it's overheating? it runs really hot...

    any ideas?
  12. bump
  13. Did you make sure to plug the 6-pin PCI-e power connector to the matching receptacle on the HD4850 card?
  14. yeah... the PSU had two 6 pin PCI connectors so i just plugged one into the hd4850
  15. and now CoD4 is really really laggy... 21-50 FPS and i said 'optimal system settings' :S
  16. upp
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