750i or 780i

Hey guys,

Im trying to decide which will be the better mobo for me. I wont be doing SLI right away but I plan on it soon'ish. Going to use XFX GTX260 Black Edition....

Which will be the best mobo to go SLI with? 750 or 780 and which company?


Thanks. :hello:
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  1. I have a 750i here and the spaces between the 2 pci-e slots leaves room between the cards so they can breathe. I imagine, but am not sure that you could use the upper and lower pci-e slots on the 780i....to get "breathing"room...??? 1 vote for the 750i I guess.

    edit: check the boards out carefully to make sure you can plug everything else in you're going to need.
  2. I like the 750i's price but it just doesnt compare with the 780i.... and With the EVGA, I wouldnt want anything except FTW because of it's capacitors.....Which cost's a lot compared to the standard 780i.

    Im thinking about going with the XFX 780i. Good choice .vs. the other brands for $209 with a $30 mail in rebate?
  3. EVGA 750i FTW because of its non reference design, capacitors, general quality and true x16/x16 SLI support.

    If price is a really big deal to you, the MSI 750i Platinum is k, i mean the cooler is better than the FTW's, if a little invasive, but it runs sli as x16/x8 to the best of my knowledge. still great quality, but would probably bottleneck the second GTX 260. probably.

    all depends on price and features.

    BTW, from what i have heard, the ASUS is a POS, and the XFX is just reference design so..
  4. I have Asus P5N-T Deluxe and 8800GTs SLi, very happy with it. PCI-E 2.0 Full x16x16 and triple SLi capable x16x16x8 and a fair few £ less than the 750i FTW (at least in the UK!) Fairly good overclocker too I've found, contary to some reports - have run 475FSB no problems...
  5. I wont be doing Tri-SLI, it's a waste of money if you ask me.. Well not if you did 3, 8800's but Tri-SLI with the GTX 260 Black Edition would be overkill..

    Can anyone send me a link the the 750i FTW? I just see the 750i.. will it have enough room for 2 260's? Or will they be so close that heat will be an issue?
  6. i got a refurbed msi p7nd 780i on ebay from a big pc retailer for £60 with 3 months garantee well happy, got my q6600 @3.4
  7. how about a asus ROG striker 2 xxxxx (two versions) one ddr2 and one DDR3

    my vote will be for the 780i tbh like the striker, but I persome the EVGA would do nicly :P
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