Can't Overclock ='(

ok so im using my first pc build and found that i have a huge bottleneck in my gpu. so i decide to try and overclock my cpu to give me a few more FPS until christmas when i get a new cpu. here are my specs:

cpu: 5400+ (3.0 ghz OCed and stable)
Mobo: K9N2 SLI Platinum (w/ latest 3.5 bios)
psu:750W ultra
graphic: GTX 275 (OCed to EVGA FTW)

So anyways, my issue is when ever i go past a 3.0 clock, to like 3.1 or 3.2, i can boot but when i play a game like crysis or cod4, about 3-5 mins in i get a APPCrash error. i ran several stability tests and found that it was stable. Next i tried a FSB overclock. The stock is 200 and i set it to 204 and the mobo wouldnt post it would sit there and not start the computer. so i hit clear CMOS set it back to 3.0ghz on my cpu and am very unhappy. any ideas how to fix this or is my cpu just not a great one to use in my setup.

My last question is, i was looking at a Phenom II X4 940 at 3.0 ghz, would this be good enough to work w/ eventual slied GTX 275s and not bottleneck? and would i encounter this same issues with a 940 if i tried to overclock it when i get it on christmas?

Thx for whoever can hlp me!
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  1. I have the 1792Mb version of your card, and run a phenom 945 at 3.525Ghz (everything on stock volts, apart from the NB which needed a tiny nudge up one value), the 940 has an unlocked multiplier so you may find it easier to overclock. It will run pretty much any game on max settings, although I have not SLIed two of them. The phenom IIs are much easier to overclock than their predecessors too :)
  2. well that makes me feel a little better i only hope my mobo will work w/ the 940
  3. If it's an am2+ socket then any phenom II proc will work with it (yes AM3 is backwards compatible with am2+). Check the manufacturers website just to be sure, you may need to update your BIOS to the most recent version when you install it though.
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