External hardrive power adapter for 1TB Simple

misplaced my power adapter for my external hard rive and searching for a replacement. Unsure of what type of adapter to purchase. The brand name is "Simple" made by Pinin Farina. I don't want to surge the hard rive, can you assist in what type or brand power adapter to purchase
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  1. See if there are any specs on the drive unit or in the documentation, or maybe even from Pinin Farina. What you need are the voltage, whether it is AC or DC, the current required, and the detail of whether the inner or outer part of the power input connector is the Positive terminal. Visually or by trying it in a store you can decide whether the connector itself can fit properly.

    The Voltage and the AC or DC part you must match up, as well as the connector polarity. (Actually, in the unusual case that it is AC supplied to the drive, polarity usually does not matter at all.) Sometimes you get "universal" power supplies that can be adjusted for different connector tips and polarity. On the current, though, you have a bit more freedom - you must get a supply capable of AT LEAST the current required - more capability from the replacement power supply is OK, because your drive will only use what it needs.
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