Can I have 2 different video cards in my setup?

Hello All,

I have a little issue here. I am I guess a former 3d designer, I am in a management spot (It is boring).

I am not too technical so here it goes.

After my promotion I was provided a TV its 42". I work long hours sometimes and I have a vongo account and I would like to watch the Movies on the TV. The computer only has 2 DVI inputs. So before I continue let me tell you the specifications of everything I am using.

They are all custom computers because my boss is cheap.

Black Big Case
ACPI x64 based pc
ATA Device (I think its the hard drive)
WD External USB Device (Probably the External Hard drive)
Nvidia Quadro FX 4500
ATAPI DVD ATA Device (DVD Drive)
I think theres 6 usb devices connected
I have an old ipod I have had for years it uses firewire and its connected
wireless keyboard and mouse
(2) 24" Samsung Syncmaster 245BW
Marvell Yukon PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller
I see (4) Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Extreme CPU Q6850 @ 3.00 GHz
SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio

There are tbs of memory and 8 gb of memory

I listed my specifications so someone can hopefully help me to get what I need.

I really like the Windows Media Center and I want to add a second video card to watch things on my computer on the tv and also listen to music. Our computers at work do not have speakers.

Here is more bad news for me! I have to pay for the additions.

Here are my questions:

Do I need more power to add another video card?
Do I need to buy matching video cards or can I buy a different one?
The Motherboard is made for Crossfire, Do I need to buy crossfire compatible cards to use 2 video cards?
Does anyone know a solution that doesn't require me to add things inside my computer?

Thanks in advance. The computer is a tad outdated I think and I hope no one is jealous or anything because its not even mine, its our companies.

I am computer dumb so I really need your help!
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  1. My guess is you can add other mismatched cards. You could probably suffice with something cheap too. What we would need to know is, what other slots are open on the motherboard?
  2. nope you cant add two mismatched cards because they have to run on SLI or crossfire otherwise you wont be able to see anything on one, also it depends on the video card how much you would need for a PSU and the only solution that does not require you to add things inside your computer is to buy one.
  3. they have to be the same, you cannot have two mismatched vide card because they will not work properly or not at all. like boner said they have to be in SLI or Crossfire and have to be compatible to each other in order to work
  4. No, that's not correct. Any video cards that use the same drivers should work. They don't have to be in Crossfire or SLi (their driving different monitors).
    The main problem is the Nvidia Quadro FX 4500 video card. Finding another card that uses the same drivers may mean having to use other FX 4500 (I'm not sure at this point) in the second PCIE slot.
  5. My god people, you need to learn more. (iggybeans the newbie is more correct then the other guys.)


    If you are using Vista then yes, both video cards much use the same driver. If the Quadro uses one driver, then the other card MUST use the same driver. Vista only loads one, all card in the computer much use it also.

    XP however doesn't work like that. You can load up your system with as many cards as you can, and load however many drivers as you want. Yes, you CAN mix and match ATI/AMd cards with Nvidia, I've done it before. With any luck, your "cheap" machine also has XP.

    The computer only has 2 DVI inputs.

    For the record, your video card/computer only has 2 DVI OUTPUTS. You should be able to buy a PCI based PCTV card from newegg for ~$50 that will let you do this. You should even be able to find one that plugs in via USB for a bit more.
  6. Thanks, I was fairly sure that something along these lines was correct as I've had several systems with more than one video card running (and I've never used SLi or Crossfire).
  7. my bad, i was almost sure that they had to be the same, in order to work. sorry. but people make mistakes. thanks for helping me out iggybeans.
  8. I have a VisionTek ATI Radeon HD 3650 on my motherboard right now.I'm thinking of using another one for the second slot i have eye on one, right now it's a sapphire HD3650.Can they run together?
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