Will case fans actually make a difference in temperature?

I am still stuck with my old alienware case (I know, they look hideous), and whilst I will probably find myself moving out of it in the summer I am wandering if replacing my case fans will help keep temperatures down. My temps aren't exactly bad, my phenom II 945 is hovering around 55c with my current OC. The case has 1 120mm front intake, 1 120mm side intake, 1 120mm rear exhaust and a 80mm side fan blowing into the HDD cage. Being stock fans that came with the PC I have absolutely no idea of their specs, if anyone could give me an idea of the quality of alienware fans and if it would be worth buying some good ones it would be much appreciated.
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  1. The answer to your original question is yes, case fans and cpu heatsink fans can make a difference in temperatures.

    Have you checked the owner's manual for the case or the manufacturer's web site?
  2. Owners manual had absolutely nothing on the case or fans, googled them and they are some yate loon model with a cfm in the low 40s. I can find some quieter fans that move 69cfm, are they worth buying?
  3. Yate Loon's are very good fans.

    You might want to take a look at the Scythe fans:


    I use the Scythe S-Flex fans.
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