Upgrade to q6600 for video encoding, or get a new system with a q9450?

It looks like I can drop a q6600 in my system for $180 from the local Microcenter. Doesn't look like I'll have to change anything else. I only use this computer for video encoding and web browsing.


They have a q9450 for $250 and a q9550 for $300. Would have to upgrade the motherboard, probably another $150-$200. Is my ddr2-800 ram(corsair xm2 if it matters) good enough for overclocking one of these 2 cpu's to 3.2, 3.6 etc? If not, add some more $ for new memory.

Can't decide.
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  1. What video codec will you be using? If x264, then definitely upgrade to the q6600.

    If your going to upgrade your whole system, wait for nehalem (read the whole thread). The nehalem patches commited by "dark shikari" show a sizable gain in speed.
  2. Yes, x264 converting for future ipod use.
  3. using a gui? or writing your own CLI batches?
  4. I like to use a program called Ipodme. Can do batches, seems the fastest of all I've tried so far.
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