E8500 Conflicting temp info, please clarify.

SpeedFan has three different temps, 'Core 0', 'Core 1', and plain 'Core'. The first two are constantly 41c, apparently. They never fluctuate a single point, ever. The third one does, though. It's presently 57c (mostly idle). In my Gigabyte MB's BIOS, in the 'PC Health' option, there is only one CPU related temp listed, simply 'CPU Temperature', and it stays around 30-36c. I have tried other programs besides SpeedFan and none of them say anything different. Could an expert on the subject please clarify? Thanks, and below are further temp specs, according to SpeedFan:

GPU 64c
Temp1 37c
Temp2 26c
Temp -2c
HD0 31c
Core0 41c
Core1 31c
Core 57c
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  1. Have you used realtemp?
    I recommend you use it because it is generally the most accurate for 45nm.
    Speedfan isn't particularly good with your processor, so it is hard to really see what is going on.
    Also the sensor's aren't designed to read idle temps, they are designed to read higher temps accurately to knwo when there is too much heat, so more accurate temps would show if you recorded it while under load.
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