Whats the Best Mother-Board 4 Me?

Hello Every one,

OK i got a little Problem on Choosing a Mother Board, First be for i get Started here is just a little info on what I'm looking for and Please let me know what ya think or any other Opinions...

(Its going to be for nothing but Games) Games like Crysis, FarCry2, COD, Fallout3, GTA4, Mostly FPS Games

I'm Sticking with Intel 775, Crossfire i already have a Video Card and i know im getting the E8400 and i am Going to Over Clock it as much as i can im Going with Air cooling a Tunic tower or something like it...

Also I kinda know what Ram i want Something Better then DDR 800 i was thinking DDR 1200 Sound good?

OK Chip sets,,, well here is what i got, i have been doing some Research and Found that the X48 is most likely
the best for what i want right now also the P45 is not Far Behind at all probably a better choice for me Cause i dont want to Waste to much Money on something not worth it... i want to stay in the $200 Area maybe $300 if its Really Worth it

so i Got Asus on my list Gigabyte, MSI, Biostar i have a Biostar right now and its great just old way out of date
i have never Owned a Asus Board But Hear they Run Great But are Unreliable Very Unreliable every 1 i know who has or had one Told me it Burned out they are Good with PC and no overclocking was involved so im kinda Leaning to Push Asus out of the Picture but befor i do dose any 1 know of any that are Good and Reliable and is it True do they run way better then others? and if not whats a Brand that is just as good if not better i know they are Commercialized thats why every 1 talks about them and have all different Types

here are some im looking at Right now


MSI X48 Platinum LGA 775 Intel X48 ATX

ASUS P5Q Pro LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX

BIOSTAR TPower I45 LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX

ASUS Maximus II Formula LGA 775 Intel P45 ATX

ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38 ATX


so many Asus that is probably why every 1 Gets them but im thinking it might be a bad thing cause they don't stick with 1 or 2 good Designs they have so many differently named

if i dont go with Asus ill be Saving money too so will it be worth it? i dont want to take any chances on getting a DOA or having 1 Burned out i have looked at just about all the Reviews and alot of ppl are getting there Asus Board DOA or they Burn out in a month to 6 months.. plus alot of my friends have had them so what do you all think?
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  1. The giga-byte board that you have selected is rock solid. Although I would only use it in a single video card setup as it is a 16x/8x config. I highly recommend this board. I would also roll with the E8500 for the extra $22. I have used several types of memory in gigabyte boards, and have had the best luck with the Kingston HyperX. I went with KHX8500D2K2/4GR on my last build and run at 5-5-5-15 @ 1066 solid even tho it is not on the offical memory supported list: link . If you are going to run a crossfire rig, I would really consider the new i7 platform. Dell has a decent deal on them, see link Link
  2. Cool thanks for the Info now im checking out this Board let me know what ya Think

    Intel DX48BT2 Motherboard

    the only thing i dont like about it is it has no PCI E 1x for a good sound card
  3. You can put a PCI-E x1 device in the bottom black PCI express slot, and it should work just fine.
  4. cool i didnt know that thanks

    oh and do all cross fire boards Run at 8x with 2 cards? i have ben seeing that alot like in this Board that looks nice they Said if you hook 2 cards up they run at 8x each not 16x for the PCI E that is


    this board looks very very nice and check out the other link they have the Asus Maximus Formula 2 for only $135 Open box tho any 1 know if the Manufacturers Warranty still covers it?

  5. ok this is what its coming down 2 Maximus 2 or Rampage? or maybe the Biostar
  6. i was wondering will the Asus Rampage Extreme work with DDR3 1333?
  7. The X38 and X48 are 2x PCIe x16 as well as the new i7 boards
  8. im going with a whole different set up Newegg is gay with the Open box Discount, they dont include all the stuff you need with the Mother board its just the Mother board how gay and the Newegg bitch on the Phone told me about the the Warranty on the Board shes like well you have to call Asus and give them the Serial Number and see if its still under warranty im like Screw that and hung up i was pissed i wanted that mother board so bad but a new 1 is $400 rip off but its nice so im going to Go for a cheaper Setup and since theirs not a Big Difference from DDR2 and DDR3 im just going to go with the Biostar Board and get a Better Cooler cause that other cooler probably wont fit and its a Open Box item like the Mother Board so it probably wont come with Mounting Brackets and i could not find them on the Site... so ill just Upgrade in about a year or 2 and get that board it will probly be 150 bucks cheper by then

    So People Let me know what you think And i Need to know what CPU Cooler i should get (Air cooled) my Biggest concern is the Cooler Not Fitting
    h ave less then a Inch from the Mother Board Top to my Power Supple

    Mother Board

    Ram Kingston Is it OverClockable?


    you know whats Funny Im going with the Same Setup i have right now its Just olderversions lol

    i have a MB: Biostar T-Force 6100 Ram: Kingston DDR 333 LOL
    it has lasted me About 5 years and i have turned it off like maybe 100 times so it has been on probably 4 years Straight lol still works great

    Please let me know what you think...
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