780i red led and no post beep

last night while playing AOC my computer crashed. no bsod just a black screen. Crash was scary too. funny sound from speaker for a split sec, game graphics appered to short out. when i attempted to restart the computer i got no video and my post beep was longer then usually. about 2 secs long. I had this problem before and solved it by pushing in all connections so"no biggie" i thought and went to bed. well this morning things have changed. no post beep now and im getting a red led close to where my cpu fan plugs in.this is my 2nd evga 780i mb. the first one worked 1 day and then i got the "ff" plague. i have been using this one for about 2 weeks. Does anyone have clue what the problem could be? what does the red led by the power connection mean. All fans are spinning. im not overclocking or anything. Thx in advace.

vista home premium 64bit
q9450 2.6 @2.6
evga 780i
geforce 9800gtx
ocz reaper 2x2gb ram
ePOWER ZU-850W 850W pws
seagate 500gb hdd
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  1. My guess is your bios defaulted and your ram no longer works in this config. You have to clear cmos with power cord unplugged for 10 mins, then try each stick of ram in each slot, load bios default on post, up vdimm, and install the other stick.
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