Two laptop webcams, one LAN cable, WebcamXP Pro

HI, this is my first time dealin with laptop webcams so i'm at a complete loss here.

i'm doing presentation ala Larry King Live where on the projector screen there will be a "live guest" talking tru "satellite".

We have one laptop in the presentation room connected to the projector and i want to connect it to a another laptop in another room using only a LAN cable and then use the webcams to see each other.

So how do i setup two webcams to see each other on a local network? There's no wifi, no nothing. just a LAN cable to connect them. they're both on Vista btw.

I'm thinking i need to setup a local network so that the laptop can first see each other. And then use a webcam software where you can connect tru the IP address.

How do you setup the local network? the setting of the local gateway and stuff like that. And i'm tryin to use this prog called WebcamXP Pro to connect the two laptops? has anyone used it? how do you work the program?

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  1. id be half tempted to use a program like msn messenger to link the two machines together.
  2. A reply at last!

    I'd be tempted to use anything at this point. But how do you do that with MSN Messenger? is they a webcam setting to connect to i.p addresses? i havent found it.

    WebcamXP Pro just looks complicated.

    looks like i'm gonna need a switch at the very least from what i've gathered so far.

    More opinions on the matter is highly welcomed.
  3. well the easiest way to do it is to simply make two windows live accounts on messenger, set them both up on the two machines, you dont need to worry about using ips as its all managed internally. messenger has support for webcams and voice and all that which can be managed by the program itself.

    so once you install the program, run the audiovideo wizards, add the other account as a contact, start a conversation and click share webcam.

    was also thinking skype could do the same thing, might have better voice support, and i think skype has full screen webcam support aswell which i dont think msn has.

    try both.

    edit - just had a horrible thought, theres no internet is there? my solutions wont work without it.
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