What is Best memory Brand???

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  1. Can't go wrong with Crucial.
  2. Kingston do good Value RAM

    I owned OCZ GSkill and kingston and they ran fine for me.

    some ppl tell that Corsair is Bad, other that its awesome ..

    Last week a salespersonne in a Nice cpu store in my city told me that he had lotta trouble with OCZ .. i personnaly never had.

    I think lotta brand can be good in some Way, depend what you need.

    OC ? Value ? stock ? Latency ?
  3. Mushkin, Corsair, G.Skill all have some very good stuff out there.

    What exactly do you need? DDR2, DDR3? Overclocking?
  4. anyone that works
  5. Every motherboard is different. Check the supported memory paper on your motherboard. In my experience, the most versitile memory has always been crucial and kingston. corsair and g.skill are both good brands, but you have to make sure that the manufacturer supports it. I remember having to return some corsair memory on a gigabyte 875p board due to some incompatibility problems
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