Dvd/cdrw firmware rom device driver MATSHITA ujda 770

Hola tengo un problema con mi PC de Lenovo Serie 3000 C200 no lee DVD
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  1. Would you mind posting in English please? Thanks. :)
  2. I realize this is a very old thread, but I want to follow up on it... I have the same model (Lenovo 3000 C200) and my cd/dvd drive has stopped working. First, is there an easy way to test it?
    Otherwise, looking to replace it. I searched for the model number (ujda 770) and found that it corresponds to a wide variety of makers, some that have the steel holding bracket in different places in the back. Of course, I can simply replace w/ my bracket when it arrives, but that makes me concerned that the cable connector in the back might also be different or that it won't be compatible for some other reason.
    I tried searching for specs, but Lenovo doesn't provide specifics on the cd/dvd, and there aren't any other identifying numbers on my drive. From this post, sounds like the drive might be a Matshita, though my doesn't say that.
    Am I worrying for no reason? Is there a way to find out exactly what replacement drive I need? Will any ujda 770 drive work? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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