is AMD following Nvidia with the rebrand sell more tactics?

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  1. FUaD is being purposely naive here. He knows ATI is going to release the 47xxs as well as there being differing types of lower cards, regarding speeds, bus' and memoy being used. The 4750 should fall right below the 4870, where itll clobber the 98GT and push the 88GTS. The lower ones fill in gaps such as the 9600GT, as well as the GSO. This is all speculation that these cards will be 3xxx series at all, especially if you consider the 3870 going up against the 98GT. Itll have to be of 4xxx series make to do that, so common sense says hes written this for controversy more than fact
  2. A. Its a fud article, so pass the salt
    B. Untill it happens its all speculation
    C. I speculate that maybe they put them in Just in case they were needed
    D. If they do turn up but are differant then no foul.
    E. There is no mention of what these cards turned from, which 3 series are they "Rebranding"
    F. I smell no news so lets make some up.

  3. i remember back then either amd/nvidia they release a driver for their card some card will get higher clock speed so it will seem as performance increase from the new driver.

    does anyone know which card it was?
  4. I know theres bios' out thatll do that with the 4xxx series, dont remember drivers tho
  5. i think if AMD does go with this route then NVidia cards will get push down further.then it will make it good for us. but i think the rename card wont be have the same/good price/performance as 4850 and such.
  6. It is all what ifs at the moment but let me ask this then.
    Where are all these differant cards coming from ? I mean i thought the yeilds on the 4 series fab were very good ? Could it be similar to what happened with the 2900 cards when they released the PRO. That turned out to be a very limited run that basically amounted to ATI shifting some left over chips that didnt quite make the grade (if im remembering it correctly).
    I get the whole differant Bus and differant Memory concept but find it hard to see why they would purposly hobble decent chips.
    Im not even sure writing this what the 4650/4670 chips are. Are they there own chip or are they a tweaked 3870 or a cut down 4850 ? Demand fro the 4850 hasnt dropped to the point where crippling it and putting it on a 128 bit bus board makes sense has it ?
    Well thats a lot of questions so i will stop there but i hope you get what im trying to get at.

    Mactronix :)
  7. The 4650 chips are downclocked 4670s, similat to what we see with the 4870 and the 4850. Just a better bin. I believe Ive read that these are actually seperate chips (46xx on down) however I may be wrong. The TMUs,shader counts etc are all less, on a smaller die. Thats what Ive read. So no, these arent slaughtered cards, more like binned cards. Theres worse binned as far as the 48s go, so theyed end up being the 47xxs
  8. So lets make sure i have this straight then.
    We are not 100% but we think the 4600 chip is a chip in its own right. I understand how binning works im just having a hard time believing they have enough binned 4 series chips to make a decent production run, given the claims for how good the process is. That's why the speculation that it will be a short lived run similar to the 2900PRO.
    Its the counts that was throwing me as i couldnt really see a way of doing it with out it being a binned 4 series with some features dissabled.
    So more speculation then. Does this mean we will be getting cards that have a variety of differant chips on the same card, which would open up the possability of having Flashable/unlockable cards ? or do you think ATI will be killjoys and lazer cut them (pass the Circuit Writer pen) :whistle:

  9. Lazers, or electrically sealing them. One possibility tho, and thats the 4670 with GDDR5 which could be the 47xx cards. Smaller bus, faster memory yadda yadda. I havnt heard, tho its a possibility. Depends on everything weve talked about Id guess, as well as performance too of course
  10. Thanks for the input JDJ guess we sit and wait now :)

  11. Thing is, the speculation of these cards by some saying they couldnt/wouldnt exist goes down the drain with these findings. Theyll be here, just like the rumors have said. By what exact features/sizes/speeds, who knows, but Im thinking this is also being done for their partners as well, as a few may want a few things their way, making for a full market coverage and depending on a few things, which at this point, as weve said, is still speculation, but as for there being a 47xx series, this kinda wipes that speculation away, and puts teeth to the earlier rumors
  12. Well before we criticize to harshly, let's see what the end result is of actual shipping cards.

    As for the renaming and old card a new #, we've discussed that on day 1 of the ATi HD3870/3850 renaming scheme, regardless of what they chose, they're going to run into issues of some kind, either with the HD3870 outperforming the HD4300, or something else. As long as the currently line matches up and the are no rev1,2,3 issues like the GTSs then I see it as something we all expected. It's annoying, but kinda natural when WE think of them as chips, and the average consumer just thinks of them as model numbers.
  13. peasant and accounted for heheh
  14. Considering how much hype the 4000s are generating, and how much average consumer knows, renaming those would be VERY smart move. They can just set back and count the cash. :D
  15. But most "average consumers" know at least one Nerd they usually ask before buying anything ... hey, what are you looking at me for?
  16. I dont do latin but there is something about "Buyer beware" that gets quoted and that applies to GPU's as well as every thing else. I dont like what Nvidia do naming wise and it can be confusing even for those who are aware of some of the workings of a GPU. Its the nature of the beast that we get some crossover and it seems the norm now for there to be quite a good size overlap between the bottom spec of new gen an dthe top spec of the older stuff.
    Anyway as APE says lets see what the actual silicone does first then we can start a whole new thread about how good/bad the naming scheme is this time around :)

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