upgrade from intel q9550 to qx9650 ???

hey i have a q9550 overclocked to 3.54 and was debating on getting a intel core 2 extreme quad 9650 3.0 ghz, I was wondering if this would be worth it for my system
790i ultra
2x evga gtx 280s watercooled
2x 300 gb velocirators
kingwin 1220 psu
zalman cnps 9700 nt nvidia nforce edition cpu cooler
4 gb of ddr3 mem 1333 mhz
let me know what you guys think
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  1. Why?

    You already have the exact same architecture, with the exact same core. Why would you spend so much for so little gain?
  2. ROFL.... EXACTLY!!!!
  3. So $1000 for a 0.8% performance increase, rounded to the nearest "WTF".
  4. agree'd with spathotan, don't forget to round to the nearest WTF
  5. I think an upgrade to a i7 would benefit you more, while still not worth your money.

    it really depends, you want it for performance or bragging rights?
  6. trinix said:
    you want it for performance or bragging rights?

  7. +1 as well - upgrade for nothing and spend a ton doing so?!?!
  8. too much money to burn... make me sick !
  9. I cannot advise to do so... unless of course you would be willing to send me the older one =)
  10. IF you really want to support the economy...
  11. You have DDR3 already, why not wait a week or two for i7? That SLI will port straight over to X58.
  12. Instead of helping Intel, why not donate that money to charity? It would serve a much better purpose and you get a tax deduction so you have more cash to waste.
  13. Well,in case money is not the issue and you need the best performance,go for i7 965 when it comes out in a week or so,then buy another GTX 280 to tri-sli,that's much better than your choice of QX9650!
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