1066Mhz DDR2 running at 400Mhz

Hi, me and a mate recently bought new PC's and we go some Kingston HyperX 1066mhz ram (4G of it 2x2 sticks) Model: KHX8500D2K2/4G

Our motherboard (Gigabyte EP45-DS4P) supports upto 1333+ DDR2 ram)

Soon after loading windows on our machines we loaded the gigabyte software and looked at Easytune. (a gigabyte over clocking and monitoring program) To our surprise it says our rams running at 400Mhz

I then looked at Bios and yet again it said 400Mhz

Ive upgraded my bios to the latest one but was just wondering if the latest bios update includes all the previous ones. Im up to the F8 version but wondering if the F5 bios update (that said it has more ram compatibility) was included.

My friend has 800mhz DDR2 and his Windows Vista Memory score is 5.9 while ours lies at 5.6

Would anybody be able to give me any suggestions of what to do. Its probably an easy fix, but im not very good at this.
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  1. 400 is equivalent to 800. Just like 266 is the same as 1066 for the cpu speed. Bios settings are all a little different. No need to worry. Use cpuid, a free download, to get all the info for your system. You can try changing the memory setting to 533. Check the memory specs for your board chipset, and remember that some boards will select the speed for you based on timings, voltage, and overclocking.
  2. Oh cheers. Im gonna restart my computer now and set it to 266
  3. When im in BIOS, the ram is set at turbo. i can either put it down to normal or boost it up to extreme. Do you think extreme is 1066Mhz and would run stable? I tried raising it to 533Mhz but it only let me go to 200, 233 or 400mhz. Help is Appreciated
  4. There should be some kind of memory divider relating to your FSB. I think the intel boards will have a ratio expressed like, 1:1 or 1:1.20 etc. You need to change this ratio to the right setting for your RAM in relation to your FSB.
    E.g. You have a E6420 running 1066 QFSB (which is 266 actual FSB) and you run 1:1 ratio you will have DDR2-533 (as the DDR2 doubles the FSB to get RAM speed.) If you had DDR2-1066 with the same chip then you would need to select 1:2 to run the RAM at it's rated speed - 266x2=533 (divider ratio part) then 533x2 for the DDR2 part and you get 1066 for the final RAM speed.
    It shouldn't be too complicated as your BIOS should list the RAM speeds you will get for each divider, you just need to find the right section in your BIOS.
  5. Many boards will list your memory speed and cpu speed at the post screen. Your actual cpu speed may be listed as 1066 in the bios, so I wouldn't change any settings if cpuid or the post screen have the correct speeds.
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