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Hi, let me first say I have seen the FAQ on this issue for older Windows versions - but am unsure if it applies to Win7.

I bought a 2TB Caviar Black as an upgrade, it's SATA2. I just installed Win7 on it, when I realized that my controller is a SATA1 card.

My system is getting on a bit, but I figured for what I do (programming) the HDD was my bottleneck. So I have the option of either getting a $50 SATA2 card, or living with the SATA1 or upgrading MB+CPU to 64bit, dual core etc.


1. For random access on smaller (say <1MB) files, is SATA2 going to give me any advantage over SATA1? Is SATA2 just better for very large files. I realize that it's 300MB/s bandwidth instead of 150.

2. If I just live with my SATA1 for a while and then upgrade, am I going to be able to switch the storage controller on Win7?

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    SATA1 speeds should be fine for a mechanical hard drive, at least for the ones made so far. The 2TB Caviar Black drive has a maximum sustained transfer rate of 138MB/sec - that's within SATA1 specs, and you'll almost never hit that rate anyway because it only applies to the outermost tracks and to the transfer of fairly large files.
  2. Thanks, that makes sense.
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