Asus Mobo users -- New mobo Box, Comes open ?

I just purchased Retail New Asus P5Q deluxe and to my surprise the box was open !

1] The outer box can be opened by anyone, as there was no tape OR tamper-proof seal (Like the one that come with intel mobo)

2] The mobo was in the static bag and that wasn't factory sealed as well...

I have already spoked with retailer and have said that every asus mobo come this way only...

So is this really the way asus pack its mobo ?
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  1. I have never gotten a mother board that was "factory" sealed. But I have never gotten a mother board that did not have "security" tape holding the bag shut. Somebody must be pulling your leg........ anybody else have his problem ? Maybe it's a cost cutting step ? Did it look like it was installed at all ?
  2. Yeah, the carton or box has not been "sealed" in on most motherboards I have ever got, but the board its self has ALWAYS been sealed into an anti-static bag with a piece of security tape. I have bought boards from MSI, Biostar, DFI, ECS, Gigabyte, Abit, Intel, Foxconn, EVGA, and ASUS. I do not recall ever getting one that the bag was not sealed.
    However, it could just be somebody missed it during packaging.....???
    If it works, it works. I wouldn't worry about it.
    It it doesn't, return it. I have had several boards not work and had to be returned even though they were sealed.
    So I don't think it is a big deal, and even if it was a returned or open box, it would not be hard to put into a new bag and retape the bag, so that really doesn't tell you anything.
  3. Mine wasn't sealed (box or bag), but the large advertisement stickers were on the motherboard. My Gigabyte only had the bag sealed with a sticker.
  4. I buy Asus exclusive, I havent had one sealed yet; box, or bag.

    Who cares if it works.
  5. roadrunner197069 said:
    I buy Asus exclusive, I havent had one sealed yet; box, or bag.

    Who cares, if it works.

    I do...

    I paid $140.00 for a NEW board (same price for the same item from New Egg & Tiger direct) but New Egg sells the same board in an "open Box" format for $95.00.

    If I wanted an item that had been previously used (maybe overclocked to hell!) I could have saved 35%.
  6. My Asus P6T Deluxe V2 didn't come sealed the box or the anti static bag.
  7. I am having the same issue and trying to find out also. The Asus board that I bought was also not sealed in any way even the flap was kind of bulged at the top like someone had opened it. I have never had a asus box factory sealed bit all of the other boards that i have bought from Asus had the bag sealed. Sealing the bag protects Asus by being able to verify if the board had been out off the bag. I am looking into this and until I get some answers the jury is out. I don't want flame anyone for something that I haven't fully looked into. I will reply again when I get some answers. Its kind of weird that what happened to you happened to me also so close together. PM me I would like to know who you bought you Motherboard from. The big one here is that the company that I bought my board from also sell this as an open boxed item. If I wanted an open boxed item I would of payed less. I hope that if it is an open box item then they will make good and pay to get it rushed back and next day me a factory sealed new one. People are human and will make mistakes.
  8. i bought mine from Fry's and it only had their return policy label holding it closed. Ive talked to one of their sells reps and they wont put anything on the floor or even sell it unless it'sealed before leaving the warehouse. so yeah I think they come that way like the people above said.
  9. Well I talked to a CS rep and they apologized that I had been shipped what seemed to be a returned item. The manuals edges and binding was creased and the features sticker that is placed over the memory slots was missing and the inside of the boxes edges and the flap showed signs that it had been opened and not closed properly. So I was accidentally shipped a open box item (customer return). They have emailed me an RMA label and also assured me that a new never before sold board is going to be shipped at no cost next day FedEx. It still sucks as I was supposed to have this system up and running this weekend and now will have to wait for the returned board. I hope that they put a better QA procedure in place to double check what seems to be a bug in there new automated packing system. I will let you know the final outcome when I receive my replacement board.
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