How can I make my Hard Drive Boot?

Hey, I have 2 hard drives, 1 with 160GB, (bootable), and the other with 500GB, this one has Windows 7 on it but is no longer bootable. When I go into Disk management, it says beside my C: drive "healthy (boot, Page File, Crash Dump, Primary Partition). Beside my other Hard drive (Win 7 D:), it says "healthy (active, Primary Partition). My D: Drive has many games on it that I cannot play through the C: drive. How can I make my D: drive bootable without loosing any data on it? Thanks.
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  1. It should be bootable - it is active, Primary Partition. Have you set your boards' BIOS settings to boot from the 500GB HDD, if not so so.
  2. I agree with treefrog07. You describe hardware that appears fully capable of doing what you want. You just need to set the Boot Priority Sequence in BIOS Setup to do it.
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