Are "green" harddrives better for movies/music backup?

I'm completely exhausted my current 2 x 500GB 7200 RPM harddrive space. I'm considering trying out a slow "green" harddrive just to store my movies and music. The movies aren't accessed everyday, but the music will be accessed 24/7. Before I purchase, I have these few questions:

1) Do you ever get choppy video or music because the green drive is too slow?
2) Do green drives live longer and have better data integrity because they spin slower and generate less heat?
3) Why isn't the RPM ever listed for the WD Caviar Green on their website and also on Newegg?
4) Which 2TB drive do you suggest for me? (I only trust Newegg).
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  1. 1) Nope. Video and music playback really doesn't require a very high transfer rate. If you were doing enough other stuff on the same drive it might become an issue, but I've never had any A/V glitches with the green drives on my system.

    2) The jury is out on longevity, but it's hard to see how the lower temps and fewer spins of the platters could hurt over the long term.

    3) Marketing reasons, I assume. The rule of marketing is "trumpet your strengths, hide your weaknesses".

    4) I've been using 1TB WD Greens and have been very happy with them.
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