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Hi, I have two routers, one is a normal router, and the other is wireless. The normal router is hooked up to my broadband modem. I would like to connect the wireless router to the normal one in such a way that my internet connection is shared to the wireless router. I don't know much about networks, so if anyone could help that would be great. (I have searched through some of the forums, but all of the posts were for connecting two wired routers, or two wireless ones, or even two internet connections through one router...I'm not sure whether it would be the same procedure in my case...)
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  1. connect the wan-in port on the wireless router to a lan port on the normal router, should take care of itself.

    either that or really to make it easier, ditch the wired router and replace it with the wireless router.
  2. On most routers with wireless you can turn off the router mode and just use it as a AP (Access Point)

    Use the wired router as your NAT with DHCP and then plug in the wireless one from the LAN port of the wired to the LAN port of the wireless.

    The wireless router will now just act as a dumb switch / acess point and the wired one will do all the work of a router.

    If you cannot turn off the router features of the wireless router, just disable the DHCP and put it on another subnet and it will be almost the same.
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