Freeze (lag) in mouse movement when using mouse button + CTRL or SHIFT


I noticed something strange: There's a lag in windows when I hold and drag the mouse for selection rectangle, but only when I keep CTRL or ALT or SHIFT pressed along with the mouse button, there's a lag even with this simple rectangular marquee in windows, the movement gets frozen every 2-3 seconds.
And when I hold and drag for rectangular marquee with mouse button only, there's no lag and it's smooth as it should be.

Same behavior in 3D softwares: lag when using mouse button + ctrl or alt or shift, and NO LAG when using mouse button only

CTRL, SHIFT and ALT are the cause!

But the problem now is how to fix that? I want to use the alt or shift or ctrl key along with the mouse in my 3D apps, it's so convenient and useful.

I disabled tablet input service and it doesn't help

Anyone has a suggestion?

Thank you
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  1. We could use some more info on the mouse and keyboard. It sounds like a driver issue to me. Are you using the latest software for your peripherals? How about chipset drivers?
  2. Similar issues occur with moving windows when the video driver is not installed correctly, complete a windows update, and update your video driver.
  3. thank you both for suggestions, I'll give it a try
  4. Any luck?
  5. I tried these suggestions and it didn't resolve the problem unfortunately... Thank you everybody
  6. Just try a full windows update along with your optional updates, could be a framework issue.
  7. well combat wombat, I want to thank you for your help, you've been patient, and it's certainly a good quality of behavior, may God keep this with you all the time.
    Don't bother anymore about this, I'll be fine (lol)
  8. The wombat does not give up.. rofl @ you...

    "I think I found the cause of the lag effect in 3D viewports.
    Since I saw that it was not 3dsmax related only, but also in vue app., I began to think that something was wrong with windows and the mouse.
    And I really think now that it is the cause."

    What mouse are you using?
  9. lol, this my post on evga forum
    Finally, my problem was fixed. A evga sr-2 user gave me a tip that it was the eleet monitoring software that was causing this lag. And it worked, I just avoid running it when using my pc.
    My pc is working well now.
    Thank you combat wombat, I hope I could help you in the future
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