1066 ram running at 800. help please :)

CPU- Phenom x4 9750
Mobo- Asus M3N-HT tri-sli HDMI mobo
Ram- 6GB Gskill 1066
Graphics- ATI Radeon 5870
PSU- Apevia 900W
Case- Sunbeam Transformer
OS- Windows 7 Ultimate

k guys, bought 6GB of 1066 Gskill ram, in CPU-Z says its running 400MHz (x2 800), the FSB to ram ratio is 1:2, and it says 1.8 volts for 532MHz or 800MHz. says 2.1 volts for 1066MHz, how would i get the ram to run at 1066MHz? Do I have to change the FSB to ram ratio to 1:2.5 and put ram on 2.1 volts? is that even possible? any info you got would help, I don't really want to overclock that much i just want to get ram running at advertised speeds that i bought it for.

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  1. well I learned today that it might be because your motherboard cannot handle more then 800.
    That's the problem with mine (GA- P35-DS3R) though it says with big letters on the box 1066 !! :P
    but It aint happening, and im running 2x2gb kingston pc8500 1066mhz.

    CPU-Z says its pc6400 800mhz :S
  2. hey man, dunno if it will work the same as mine or not, but i just bumped the voltage of the ram up to what it says it should be, upped it by .015 in bios, then set multiplier to make the ram 1066, worked fine for me, hope that helps dude, dont have personal experience with your make of ram, but would guess that it is a similar issue to what i had
  3. Juvator said:
    CPU-Z says its pc6400 800mhz :S

    All 1066 ram will be shown as 800, 1066 ram is just factory OCed 800 ram.
  4. You cannot run more than 4GB of ram if you want 1066Mhz. Anything over 4Gb will default to 800Mhz automatically. This is due to the memory controller (CPU), not the board.
  5. Have you tried manually changing the FSB:RAM ratio in the BIOS to get 1066Mhz? I had to.
  6. well that's the problem I don't know how this FSB:RAM stuff works.. I tried looking up things about it.
    and I also made another thread about OCing my CPU.

    But right now I also still have 2 pc6400 1x1gb 333mhz, next to those 2x2gb's
    and he shows them as pc5300.
    so I got 6 gig ram total, I did that because I wanted to Play APB which itself requires like 4gigs.
    but the overal MHZ is pulled down to 333mhz now.
  7. since i'm not allowed to edit the previous post I'm forced to make a second one.

    this is the link to my other topic http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-255101_11_0.html

    I hope u don't see it as highjacking the topic :P
    My RAM problem is very similar to yours so I think we can both get the answer here.

    and I posted the link for those who feel like helping me out, because untill now everyone has ignored my topic :P and I really can't do this without u guys.
  8. motherboard can handle 1066 on AM2+ or AM3 socket, which mine is AM2+, ive never heard of only allowing 4GB's at 1066 though, would it be faster to run 6 at 800 or 4 at 1066? and i will jack with the bios settings tommorow and see if i can get it running at 1066
  9. Well as far as 1066, you won't be able to run more than 4GB, meaning you are better off running 6Gb @ 800. You will also be able to raise the FSB, this will raise your RAM speed as well. For example, right now I have my FSB set at 228 (maxes out at 241) and my RAM is currently at 923Mhz.

    1066Mhz is not much faster than 800Mhz with lower timings. 1066Mhz Ram is really 800Mhz RAM designed to run at a higher speeds with a voltage increase (unless you have low-volt modules). Another example, I have a set of 2x 2Gb OCZ Platinum that run at 5-5-5-15-24-2T 2.1/2.2v, but my G.Skillz 800 at 4-4-4-12-24-2T 1.9v are actually faster than the OCZ. Hope this helps =)
  10. yeah i went in to the bios and configured it 2.1 volt 1066 speed and the 5-5-5-15 timings but it was only stable for 20-30 minutes before i would get brown crazy stripes on my screen, when i set the ram back to 800 with auto voltage it runs stable for days.

    also it says the ram is unganged not sure whether that is better than ganged or not
  11. Leave it as "unganged".

    Have you tried lowering your rimings to 4-4-4-12 ?
  12. you think i would have to up the voltage to acheive the 4-4-4-12 timings?
  13. play with the voltages till you find stability, for instance start with 1.9v and gradually go up.
  14. alright i will see what i can do once i get home from school lol
  15. Any luck?
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