Win7 OS on SSD, games on 1.0TB

HI all

Long time reader, small time poster here

Just wanted some advice, I'm currently running Windows 7 RC1, and thinking about how I'm going to install it once I purchase the full addition.

My computer is currently set up for dual boot Windows XP & Windows 7

My plan was to get a 32GB SSD (high performance one) and install the Windows 7 OS onto that, then get a 1.0TB HD and install all Apps and games onto that.
My logic being, I've seen the performance benefits of SSDs on Mac's (which I work with all day long), and the boot/load times are incredible. Plus (on a Mac), if I do the above set up, I've always got an easy option of reinstalling the OS without any effect to the other HD (so I dont to reinstall everything). I'm wondering if this would be true for the Windows as I've never set one up in this fashion (OS on 1 disc, APPs on the other).

any opinions are most appreciated.

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  1. Any applications which are highly dependent on the Windows registry will need to be re-installed if you reformat the SSD and re-install Windows. Others will work fine but will not show up in add/remove programs and are technically not "installed."

    I currently have this same setup, but I leave important applications on the SSD as I can afford the space even though it's only 30GB. Games and misc data I leave on a HDD.
  2. ah, thanks for that, was roughly what I was expecting :)

    your reply is greatly appreciated
  3. ...and if you right click on a folder you would like to move, properties, Location tab will be an option. Change the drive letter to D:, move and voila. Your folder now resides on D:. Move the space hoggers over there and leave your SSD for important OS Files.

    Set up a D:Program Files and when you install apps, use that directory.

    I have used apprx 40G for Win 7, Office 2007 Enterprise, and tons of downloads on my one drive. Less than 32G should be achievable with very little effort on your part.
  4. I think the Location tab only exists for the special folders like Downloads and Documents.
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