[graphics card] his hd 3850 agp problems

hey, so in trying to revive a little life out of my current agp system, because i can't afford to upgrade everything for pci-e, i purchased a his hd3850 agp card. I had a little bit of issues installing the current cat drivers, because they said that it the drivers couldn't find the hardware, so i installed them manually. Everything was looking good, so i tried to test out the card by playing a few games only to find that everything was pretty choppy. tf2,cs:s, and hl2 were all running at about 10fps. bioshock was basically the same. my games ran smoother/better when i was using my radeon 9600. i wasn't expecting this card to allow me to play the newest games, but at least play my current games with better performance. any ideas? i can't figure out if the drivers aren't working correctly because its an agp card or if its a issue with the games?
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  1. Did you remove your old drivers first? Also what are you systems specs?

    When I add a new card I always remove the old drivers and then down load the latest drivers from the AMD/ATI drivers web site.

    The drivers on the disc that come with the card are usually out dated. But they should still work.
  2. What I usually do and has worked ever since.

    1) Uninstall ATI Software through Control Panel and select ATI Uninstall Utility.
    2) When prompted click yes to restart.
    3) Boot into Safe Mode(F8).
    4) Use Driver Cleaner Pro and remove any traces of ATI related files still left in the computer.
    5) Reboot and install the new Catalyst.

    Hope this helps. :)
  3. other than traces of the old drivers causing some sort of problem, the only thing i can think of is that maybe your cpu just isn't fast enough to feed the card with data. if you have a pentium 4 regardless of clock speed, don't expect anything spectacular.
  4. Did you make sure you downloaded the AGP version of the Drivers? They can be tricky to find on the website. If you did this follow Jufrans from above.
  5. amd athlon 64 2800+
    windows xp sp3
    1gb ram

    i did unistall the previous drivers before installing the new ones. i've tried the offical ati drivers, plus the drivers located on the HIS website, and the cd.

    anarchy, the ones i tried off the his website were specifically agp drivers, but still preformed poorly. i dont know about the ones off the ati website though, i may have ended up downloading the pci-e ones.

    does XP have anything to do with it? cause i've read some reviews of the card and they all tested it with vista. and if vista might fix the issue, would it be better to get 32bit or 64? not sure if there are issues with the two versions

    edit: i thought to try the CD drivers again. i've removed all of my old drivers, but the installer has an issue with finishing installing all of the drivers. im not exactly sure what its deal is.
    Anyway, i'm having issues manually installing from the cd.
    i goto device manager > display adaptor > update driver> no for connecting to windows update > install from a specific location (advanced) > now here if i click search removeable media, it doesnt find anything.
    so if i goto specific location and go d:\xp\driver\XP6A_INF (which is one of two folders it will allow you to specify) it then cant find the drivers. so maybe i'm doing this incorrectly?
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