P5Q SE PLUS Half Life 2 game not working

I recently bought the orange box and I can run all the games except Half Life 2. This has nothing to do with my computer specs, my parts well exceed the requirements for the source graphics engine. According to Steam support, my mother board (Asus P5Q SE Plus) need some sort of update that i have to get from The Asus support website. I have tried downloading the updates but they don't seem to work, does anyone know which update I need to download? Has any one had this problem b4?
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  1. What are the config you use?
    Have you updated the graphic card driver and the patch of the game?
    What happens when you play the game Half Life 2?
  2. Don''t worry! I've fixed the problem! the original hl2 is not made correctly to work on 64 bit OS so i went into the game's launch options and made it run on 32 bit mode. This error only occurs with hl2. Half life 2 episode 1 and 2 run fine. Thanks to steam for emailing me and telling me how t o fix the problem!
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