Why does my DVD burner appear as a Hard Drive?

On my rig I am running a Blue Ray DVD burner together with a regular two-sided DVD burner.

Following the recent installation of Windows 7 (64 bit) the Blue Ray unit appears in "My Computer" but the regular DVD burner shows as a Hard Drive and is not recognized by my "burning" software.
The unit was not removed during the change from Vista Ultimate to Win 7. There is power to it and will open if you hit the tray button. Any ideas what might be wrong?
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  1. Have a look on the drive maker's site for a driver for Win7 64
  2. Do you have any Virtual CD software on the computer?
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    Check disk management. In rare cases a card reader or other removable device takes the drive letter from a CD/DVD/BD drive.

    You can get there by right clicking my computer and selecting manage, select disk management and check your drives there.
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