How to regain access to max 2048 x 1536 resolution with 8800GT?

I'm having problems trying to select the highest resolution for playing

My card is a Gigabyte GF8800GT 512MB (Turboforce Edition, 700MHz core)
PCIe. The system is an ASUS M2N32 WS Pro mbd, Athlon64 X2 6000+, 4GB
DDR2/800 RAM, PCIe-based U320 SCSI system/RAID disks, WinXP Pro SP3.

To begin with, my monitor was a 22" SGI GDM5411, which has a max res of
2048 x 1536. I was able to use this resolution just fine for both games
with the 8800GT. But as the monitor was getting old (too bright/green),
I decided to replace it. I bought a 22" Dell P1130 (same max res), but
by mistake was sent a P1110 which only has a max res of 1800 x 1440. At
this point I didn't know it was a P1110 (they look identical).

After connecting the new monitor, I realised something was wrong when
both games had switched down to a low res. Unable to see anything above
1800 x 1440 in the available modes, I checked the properties and saw
the P1110 name. Uh oh. So I checked the label on the back of the
monitor. Oh dear, it was indeed a P1110.

Eventually I was able to sort out a replacement and finally received
the P1130 a week later.

And now for the wierdness. No matter what I try, I am no longer able
to select any res above 1800 x 1440 in the games, even though the
monitor is definitely able to do 2048 x 1536. Renaming oblivion.ini
didn't help. Initially, I was able to set the desktop to 2K mode by
showing all available modes and switching to it manually, but this
didn't make the res available in the games.

Finally I tried removing and reinstalling the display drivers and
renaming the oblivion.ini, but not only didn't this work, now the
normal desktop modes don't show anything above 1800 x 1440 either!

What on earth is going on? Why am I unable to select the higher modes?
They've just vanished. It's as if somehow some part of the OS is
holding onto the old P1110 limits, even though the properties do show
the monitor to now be a P1130. I've tried both the Gigabyte site's
version of the drivers and NVIDIA's driver bundle, but no luck with

Any ideas anyone? I really want to get back to playing these games at
2K; it was one of the reasons why I upgraded to an 8800GT (I run
Oblivion with no AA, but 16X AF and all detail settings maxed; Stalker
is just set to everything maxed). I have CoD4 waiting unopened and
really don't want to have to run that at less than 2K. Any advice is
most appreciated!

Cheers! :)


PS. I did try searching on this topic before posting, but the search function
doesn't work. No results for the word 'resolution'??
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  1. I had the same problem when temporarily using a P220 while replacing my P260.

    You need to delete replace or overwrite the inf file in your display settings completely. If it's still showing P1110 it's not gone, you may have to do it more than one (took me 3 times to replace the P220 info).

    You may need to go into device mangler and many replace/load the driver, and you DO need a driver to do this. Otherwise you're going to have to either roll back your configuration to a restore point before the change (and I don't know if that'll work) or else re-install to clear the inf info. Without a driver it won't let you go anywhere else nder a proper configuration.

    Pain in the but to say the least.

    Now you can brute force it by selecting to display settings and then the monitor tab and uncheck 'hide modes this monitor cannot display', but depending on how well it handles that it may still output an 18x14 image, but simply let you scroll around the 20x15.

    18x14 is also a weird res, for the 4:3 CRT it should be 1920x1440, so I'm not sure why it does that, but I did a quick check of our DELL database and yep, 18x14 is the res. :heink:
  2. whilst you have your drivers uninstalled you might try uninstalling the base [ms] driver in device manager,and then reboot ,windoze should then redetect your current monitor,maybe...:)
  3. TheGreatGr apeApe,

    Pardon my ignorance, but where do I find the relevant .inf file to remove?
    I'm also not quite sure what you mean by, "you DO need a driver to do
    this." - I need a driver to be able to remove/install the driver?

    Indeed, the brute force trick did bring up the higher modes so I could set
    the normal desktop to 2K res, but the games still stay at 1800 x 1440.

    I must confess, I had no idea Windows was able to do something this
    spectacularly dumb. Why on earth isn't there a simple button somewhere
    that says, Clear Remembered Monitor? I sometimes wonder if Gates has
    committees that do nothing but conjure up new ways to drive us crazy...


    After uninstalling the 8800GT drivers, I couldn't see any extra MS base
    drivers that could be removed. I assume it must have something
    somewhere as I'm still able to use 1600 x 1200 even though moving
    a window is slooooow...

    Thanks for the advice!!

    Am leaving it for tonight, will try again tomorrow with a clear head.

  4. Did you check your registry for settings relating to the monitor max res?
  5. I've not checked the registry settings, but I've very little experience with using
    regedit; wouldn't know where to look. :} Please assume my knowledge of this
    level of Windows is limited.

    So, where do I find the inf file and where do I look in regedit?


  6. Just an update to say that I managed to fix the problem. Turns out both the MS P&P drivers and the
    Dell drivers for the P1130 monitor lie to the OS about what resolutions are available, making the
    system think that nothing beyond 1800 x 1440 is possible.

    A user on Hardforum who also uses a P1130 sent me his modified Dell drivers and bingo, it works now!
    2048 x 1536 in Oblivion/Stalker. 8-)

    Thus, for anyone else using a P1130, I have made the modified Dell drivers and the monitor*.inf files
    available on my site for download here (250K file):

    or just in case, the main index is here:

    and the archive is the last item in the list.

    HP also sold a version of the P1130, using the same number, so it's very possible HP did the same thing,
    though in that case it'd be best to download the HP drivers from and then modify them in the
    same way as shown in the altered Dell drivers.

    Hope this helps!

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