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I'm sharing the internet connection with my in-laws 6 houses down. Due to the distance, there's really only one computer in our house that can reliably pick up the signal. So I'd like to share the internet connection that one computer has with the wired network I've got set up in this house.

My Set Up -

[In Laws House] --> DSL Internet --> Wireless Router --> [My House] --> Win XP Pro --> wired router --> win 2000 pro

As I said, the xp in my house picks up the internet from their house fine.
My local lan in my house also works fine, sharing files, printer between the xp and win 2000.

So how do I go about getting the win 2000 machine to hook into my xp's internet access? I tried enabling ics on the wireless connection on my xp, but i'm told that an existing lan is using an ip it needs. my wired router is set to and my wireless is set to At one point I managed to disconnect myself from the router, and when I typed in I got access to my IIS server. I've since stopped IIS, and still no change.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Try disabling DHCP on the wired router so it's just a network switch. I believe ICS needs to be the DHCP server.

  2. hmmm plug the ethernet cable from the xp machine into the wan socket on the wired router, run the network sharing wizard and say that its a machine that others connect through selecting the wireless as the internet source.

    it should then assign an ip to the ethernet connection which the router picks up on, you can also try changing the lan ip on the router which will remove your problem with the ips.

    once the connection is shared, the router should treat the ethernet the same as it would a modem, and then share it for you to the 2000 machine.

    i find well placed restarts after running the wizards helps a lot.
  3. The dhcp on the wired router is already disabled. The wireless is still running a dhcp. Do I need to disable that one? If so, can I run the wireless router remotely without dhcp (through command prompt?). Although my brother in law still lives there, he's not tech-literate, so I'd rather not bother them to restart the router when it occasionally needs it. I like the ability to restart it from here if it needs it.

    I couldn't find a 'network sharing wizard', so I'm assuming you meant the 'network setup wizard'. Either way, I plugged my xp straight into the wan port, ran the wizard, it auto picked the internet connection and plopped an 'internet connection' into the internet gateway row in my network connections. It reads as connected.

    With my xp plugged into the wan port, i was getting the cable unplugged alert for the wired lan (and no network connection). I plugged it back into the regular port and restarted. I've got the wired lan connection back, but still no internet.

    On the wizard, I opted to go without the set-up disk thingy, since I had tried running the network set up thing on an earlier attempt, and my windows 2000 could not recognize the netsetup.exe file as a proper win32 exe.

    Are there settings on my 2000 machine I need to adjust? I didn't change the wired lan ip cause I don't know how to do it with a disabled dhcp. Should I reset my wired router and then change the ip, or is there another way of doing it?

    Thanks again.
  4. no, leave the wireless router alone, you dont need to worry about that.

    sorry ye, network setup wizard, ok run it again but just run it normally, detach the wired connection for now and lets just get that machine back online.

    i was wondering whether you might need a twisted pair / crossover cable to plug your pc into your routers wan port, however ignore that for now, assign a manual ip for the wired router connection, something like, with it connected right click the wireless connection and select share and run the wizard that will probably load.

    now on the wired router select the wan option and select static ip, give the gateway address / dns address as your main pcs ip (as above) and do any other settings as needed. not too sure if this will work but worth trying.

    if you leave the wired routers lan settings on default you wont need to worry about setting anything special for the 2000 machine.

    if your experiencing problems with resolving internet dns on the 2000 machine id think about using opendns ips as the dns addresses on the router.
  5. No luck yet. I've got another xp pro system now, so I'll be using that as my test client instead of the 2000 machine to at least reduce possible problems.

    Keeps on telling me a lan exists with the ip address ics needs, but as far as I know ics uses .0.1 and I've made sure my routers are not set to that. I'll keep hunting for an answer.
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