Bios Flashing Failed Halfway - Asus P5K

Hey, i flashed my BIOS on my Asus P5K motherboard and it went wrong. First time in about 30 bios flash that happens to me. Anyways. Now it wont boot to Bios on anything. So after reading many threads, seems my option is to RMA the board or have Asus send me the Bios chip.

Are those my only options?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Sorry to hear that man. I been through that on a AMD platform, went to the , I think a new EEPROM chip is $27 now. He will put the bios of your choice on the chip. I sent the one I killed to him an had 2 chips with a differant bios on each, for under 40 bones. I had good service through him, contacted them about 3:00 Friday had the chip in my hand Monday afternoon.

    Good Luck,
  2. Thanks i'll see if i can RMA for free first, Since i used the tool provided by ASUS and it didn't work.
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