DVD-RW Drive Only Works in PIO

I am pulling my hair out trying to find out what the heck is wrong with the thing.

I have an NEC ND-2510A DVD+-RW drive that up until a few days ago was working just fine. Without warning, it started giving me problems:

Putting a disc in the drive gets no auto-play.
Explorer locks up when trying to view files on a disc.
Anything that tries to use the device locks up the program and the device (activity light stays on and tray will not open until reboot).

However, if I set the drive to PIO mode, it works fine to rip and burn (though very, very slowly) but still can't access files to view in Explorer, and DVD movies and audio CD playback is extremely choppy.

I had not made changes to my hardware or software before it started acting this way. It just started doing this out of the blue. The drive also has the latest firmware. I am running on Windows 7 32-bit.
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  1. Hate to say it but probably time for a new drive. :(
  2. I think so too... I just popped in the windows CD to perform a secondary install of the OS to see if maybe a reformat would help, but it doesn't read the disc; I always get boot errors when trying to boot from a disc. The drive also just makes a light clicking sound, and I don't think it's spinning the disc.

    Anyone got $50? :(
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