Hard drive detected in bios but not in windows 7


Was cleaning out my gaming pc, disconnecting everything and dusting it then connecting it all back together. Although I cant remember which SATA ports my two hard drives went in so I just put them anywhere.

So I turned it back on to firstly find a RAM problem (because I hadnt put it back in the same slots as before) that was fixed however now only one of my Hard Drives (the one with Windows 7) is displayed on "My Computer"

I tried DiskManager, Drive Manager, New SATA cables different SATA ports but it still doesnt come up on Windows.

It does display on Boot up though.

Any ideas?
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  1. First, go into BIOS Setup and check a few things.

    1. Look where you configure the SATA ports. Are the right ones Enabled. Some mobo's allow you to enable and Disable individual ports, and you may have plugged into a Disabled one.
    2. Look at each SATA port's mode. Check the one that's working. It may be set to one of: IDE (or PATA) Emulation, native SATA, AHCI, or RAID. Probably you should make sure the port that does not appear to be working is set the same as the one that is working. Actually, if you remember for sure what that non-functioning drive's port mode was set to before this trouble, that is what should be restored. I'm just guessing you don't remember, and copying the functioning one is a good start.
    3. If you changed anything, Save and Exit to reboot with these new settings. Now look in My Computer. Did it show up? If not, check what names are assigned to the drives you do have. I assume you have booted from C:. What letter is your optical drive - has that changed?
    4. If this still has not got the second drive visible and ready to use, there's something to check and maybe change in Disk Management, but we won't get into those details unless the steps above fail to solve the problem. Let us know progress so far.
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