512MB 4850 vs 1GB 4850

does anyone know if there is a noticeable performance difference?
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  1. There isn't. 4850 isn't powerful enough to run at the extreme resolutions needed to make 1gb matter anyway. Get the cheaper 512mb model.
  2. Uhm... The 1Gb model is aimed towards the XFire crowd with hell-big resolutions.

    So, if you play in a 30" display at max res, you *might* want the 1Gb version, but we would slap face you, lol. At that kinda res, you might want a 4870X2 or a GTX280, or a couple of those :p

    Anyway, in a range of res below 1900x1200, the difference, like dagger said, isn't worth it right now. Maybe in the "near" future we'll see more vram demanding games :P

  3. lol.... some other dude posted the same topic yesterday
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