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Would a q6600 bottleneck a GTX 260, even if i overclock the cpu a bit? What about a q9300? What processor would i need for the cpu to not bottleneck the gpu?
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  1. It might at low resolutions like 1280 x 1024. It might at stock. It probably won't if you game at 22" or 24" LCD resolutions. It also won't if you overclock it. CPU limitations exist, but tend to fade away at higher resolutions.

    I'm still gaming with a 17" CRT at 1280 x 1024, and I had an Athlon X2 4600+. Once I went to the triple core 8750, I noticed an improvement in framerate across the board with my 3870x2.

    You'll be fine with a Q6600.
  2. I doubt that it will bottelneck your system Q6600 is a good cpu, and otherwise you can always oc it that you should have no problem for sure
  3. a q6600 at 3ghz which is a very easy OC should guarantee you that you won't be bottlenecked. On the other hand, my pentium 5200 (45nm) at 3,83Ghz is still bottlenecking my ATI 4870 so I'm not sure.
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