I am running windows xp home and want to install mc afee but it says not enough

Hello,i have bt mc afee net protect on my two laptops. when i try to install it on my desk top windows xp home it says i need atleast 128mb ram. i have checked with my system and i have loads more ram than needed. what is going on. Infact I have 92% free hard drive as i only have m/soft works installed.
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  1. Goto "My Computer". Well, right click on it, and goto properties. Is Windows detecting the amount of RAM you are saying it has?
  2. Windows is doing you a favor. Of all the anti-virus programs in the entire world, even the free one's, Mc afee has to be the lamest, most useless one of them all, bar none.

    They sell a "feel good" program, a pacifier, something that is not real, it doesn't work, it's phony. They should all be in jail for actually charging people money for their crap. Want to waste money? send it to me.

    Want a good AV program? Get one that's not written in the USA. Get one that "Homeland Security" hasn't meddled with. Get one written by the Russians, people who kill over a dirty look. They take security seriously.

    Try (a month for free)..


    Talk about luck, I just looked at a post here in this forum that you need to see, it concerns Mc Afee...

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