Burst speeds lower than transfer rates?

I just put two 320GB drives together in a RAID 0 array for my data. The Average transfer rates are 110.3MB/s and the min is 74.8MB/s. The burst rate is 75.1MB/s. As I understand, the burst rate is the speed of the super fast cache. Does it make sense that the burst rate is lower than the transfer rate? Will this hurt performance?
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  1. None of my other hard drives have this problem. I'm suspicious that the burst rate was not increased when I set up the RAID 0 array. If what I understand is true, it would be best to disable the cache. Is this possible? Can anyone confirm if this is even a good idea?
  2. Slower burst rate doesn't make sense, no. It just proves that your benchmark programme is bad.

    Do not disable caching, it would be slower.
  3. I tested it with HD Tune 3 times and got 75MB/s burst every time.
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