Is Catalyst Control Center unstable?


I just tried using the automatic overclocking stress tester built into CCC, and CCC crashes and needs to be closed by Windows when the memory test gets to 939mhz. Lowering my HTT from 220x11 to 219x11 allows CCC to complete the process without error. However, when testing with 3DMark06, CCC also crashes and needs to be closed by windows, even at 219x11. I just uninstalled, and then reinstalled the drivers without CCC, and am running 3DMark06 without any problems. My CPU was tested last night at 220x11 using Prime95 for 24 hours. Why is CCC unstable? I also read on this forum that "Cool and Quiet" should not be used with "Overdrive"; is it refering to AMD Cool'n'Quiet, and is that true, and why? If I can't use CCC, should I have something else instead, and would it matter, with a single core cpu that only does 2.4mhz?

Asus A8v Deluxe Rev.2

Athlon64 3500+ (with Zalman 9500 fan mod)

OCZ PC3200 Platinum (only 1 1024mb stick being used for testing right now- 5:3 divider used)

Radeon 3850 AGP 512mb (with Zalman VF700-AlCu VGA Fan Mod)

There is something I need to mention- when installing the Zalman fan mod on my Radeon 3850, I stuck the memory heatsinks on the wrong way. I think they should be set with the heatsink fins angled perpendicular to the fan, for improved airflow, and also because one of the memory heatsinks is so close to the gpu and fan heatsink fins that the memory heatsink did not fit directly on the center of the heatsink. Let me explain: because the fins on te memory heatsink point outward, and because I had stuck them at an angle so that they pointed towards and away from the gpu, they extended too far towards the area where the fan goes, and when I attached the fan, the fan's heatsinks fins got in the way of the memory heatsink fins, pushing the memory heatsink out of the way, and I noticed immediately, so I tried to push the heatsink back where it should be, as close as I could get it, but it is still approximately 1mm away from where it should be, due to lack of space. I should have installed it with the fins pointing to the left and right, not up and down, because then it would fit, and the fins would also be alligned with the heatsink fins which I think would give better airflow (the heatsink fins are like that, afterall). So there is now a sliver of area on that memory chip which is not covered by the memory heatsink- about 1mm. I am thinking about buying a new bulk pack of heatsinks and reassembling the entire thing. Do you think it could cause problems in the future if I overclock my VGA memory? Anyway, I'm concerned about it, but do you think that could be causing the stability issue with CCC? I have my doubts, since 3dMark06 is still looping, and it's been a few hours, and everything seems fine now that I got rid of CCC (which is a shame since I liked using Catalyst AI (wait.. with my cpu, which is old, do the extra computations cancel out the performance increase, or will they be saved after they get computed the first time and not done again?).
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  1. I've heard mixed reviews on the automatic overclocking functionality in the Catalyst software. Perhaps you should just set everything to stock speeds and work your way up from there in small increments.
  2. CCC crashes during 3DMark06 even if i disable the system tray and do not use any overclocking.
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