Dark knight 1156 bracket help please

Ok per Xigmatek's website the pdf install forum says that the ACK-I5363 and ACK-I5361 will fit all the coolers and has the same parts on new egg the pic's look and seems the same. My question is has anyone tried the 63 bracket the 61 is sold out? or should i just go for the cooler master hyper 212+

I am waiting for some responses before purchasing today?

mb 1156 socket
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More about dark knight 1156 bracket please
  1. But if you look at the user manual it states that both fit the dark knight
  2. Lots of times an email to the store you want to buy it from or to the manufacturer etc will solve this. I know ya need more info, dig at it.
  3. I just orded the parts and i emailed the company we will see i will update it when i install it lol
  4. ok had to use a dremil to remove the blocked holes on the bracket and works fine lol not fun
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