Help building a new PC $1200 - 1500

Hello all ,
Looking to build a new PC , I have never built one myself but have a good friend who is going to help me once I buy the parts . This PC will be mainly used for gaming . Plan on doing some minor O.C . Leaning towards XP pro but may Dual boot with Vista 64 . Biggest issue seems to be a motherboard and dual or quad? Looking to spend $1200 - 1500 . I will be buying parts from Newegg, Fry;s and Microcenter ., figured over the next week or so they will be having back to school deals .

Case - first plan was Antec 900 but now looking at the Antec 1200 . If i go this current build will the 900 be fine as far as cooling or for the $50 jump up to the 1200 and then be fine for any future builds or adding extra gear ?

PSU - Antec 850w true power Quattro ( alrdy bought )

Video card - EVGA 260 ( may go SLI down the line) Always been an Nvidia guy , Tried ATI once and it didn;t go well .

CPU- E8400 or Q6600 . May jump up to the Q9450 if it makes more since ( around $130 more )

Mobo - EVGA 750I FTW or 780I or ASUS equal . Also if I plan not to go SLI ever then thinking of going to a P5K premium. Again this is my biggest area of concern .

CPU Cooler - Either Coolmaster Hyper 212 or Hyper Z600

Hardrives - Western Digital 320g and 640g

CD/DVD - not sure yet

Sound card - none

memory - looking for 4gigs but depends on the Mobo.

Monitor - Current NEC FE2111 SB CRT . Plan on upgrading to a Samsung 245BW or T240 or 2493HM

Thanks again for any input as this is all new to me .
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  1. well if you are going to SLI you definately won't want a P5K premium, the 2nd PCIE slot will run at 8x instead of the full 16x. This one is a good board for SLI
    As far as the CD/DVD drive goes, you can't really go wrong.... just get a SATA one and not an IDE one, it will keep your case a lot cleaner.
  2. Welcome to the forums, some comments for you:

    - Intel's chipsets have been working better than the NVidia ones. As are ATi's graphics cards.

    - A 4870 is a better performer than a GTX260. And slightly less pricey.

    - Consequently I would recommend an Intel P45 or X48 motherboard paired with a 4870. Try an Asus P5Q or Gigabyte board.

    - If you aren't going to overclock. You don't need the heat sink for the CPU, use the stock one. You can also go with 4Gb (2x2Gb) of DDR2-800 RAM from Corsair, Crucial, OCZ, Geil, Mushkin.

    - If you are considering overclocking. Xigmatek make good heatsinks, try an S1283 with the retention bracket for easy fitting.

    - As for dual or quad. Currently, for gaming, dual has the edge at a given price point over quad. It's a touch call, once developers start writing using all 4 cores quad will have the advantage - but people have been saying that for quite some time now.

  3. Do I need to supply anymore info to get more responses or is this not an interesting post ? Well here it goes would like to start picking up parts this wkend .

    Case - Antec 900 $99.00

    GPU - EVGA 260 SC $289.00

    CPU - Q6600 $189.00 ( I will be OC ing )

    Harddrive - WD640 $84.99

    Harddrive - WD250 $59.00

    PSU - Antec 850 (alrdy bought) $109.00 with $50.00 rebate

    CPU cooler - Xigmatek S1283 $24.99

    DVD/CD - SAMSUNG 22X DVD±R DVD Burner with LightScribe Black SATA Model SH-S223Q/BEBN - OEM

    Motherboard - ASUS P5K PRem $139.99

    or ASUS P5Q Deluxe $199.00

    Memory - Corsair XMS2 $104.00 TWIN2X4096-6400C5DHX

    Thanks again for any input
  4. Hi snakeeyez;

    I'm still preferring the 4870 option better at the same price point, especially given that you have matched that GTX260 to a board that will support Crossfire. Consequently if you bought one 4870 you could add another, if you buy a GTX260 you can't add another.

    Add the retention bracket to that Xigmatek cooler it makes fitting easier;

    The P5Q Deluxe is very expensive. It is effectively at the same price point as X48 but is only P45 - not good choice. Try a P5Q Pro, seems to be well favoured on the forums ($140).

    Q6600 is good choice. If you are going for an overclock up to 3.6GHz you can stay with the DDR2 800 RAM otherwise you will need 1066 RAM if you don't want to overclock your memory as well.

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