Raid advive please

My boss has just set up a raid 1 software config and i wanted advice on whether its possible to check its working properly.

He thinks he should be able to see/check the mirrored drive. the nvidia suite has the drive performance check function greyed out.

if a file has been deleted from the raid drive, is it by any means easier to recover than from a single hdd.

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  1. sounds like a software raid so depending on the software used this may be al ittle wrong.

    you cant read the individual drives as if they were seperate files.

    best way to check its working is simply boot the pc with 1 of the raid drives unplugged

    no recovering deleted files from raid is exactly the same as single drive - RAID offers no prtection from user error viruses etc - it is for disk fail/ performance only.
  2. Thanks Vibe, I didn't think you could read the mirrored drive.

    Its a little difficult to check the drive in this way as it is our networked harddrive. I will do so first chance I get.

    **On another note, does anyone have any advice on setting up network access permissions/passwords for a networked harddrive? (in XP)**
  3. It depends on what you mean by networked. I'm going to assume here that other computers/users will be accessing this folder/share.

    Assuming its NTFS you will need to do three things for permissions:

    1. Create a user account and password for each user that will access the files
    1a. If there are seperate sets of permissions for different users they can be put in different groups
    2. Right click each folder and select share
    2a. Add the correct users and groups and set the share permissions
    3. Right click the folders and select properties and then the security tab. Set the permissions for each user/group.

    The share should be accessible.
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