Raid fauls

hello people

two months ago i fix my pc as follows.

x58 platinum MSI motherboard
i7 940 pross
6 gb RAM
2 x 300 gb Velociraptors in RAID
1x 150 gb Raptor ( os running )
1x 1.5 TB WD for storage

My problem is that afteri connected my new microsoft keyboard.. the RAID failed...
In the computer management / disk management i can still see the 1 disk 600 gb ( 1 unallocated + 1 partition = 1200gb :o )

In the Ctrl + i menu on raid it said FAILED and the 1 driv is marked as a Non - raid drive..

any opinios for saving my programs without formating the disk or w/e...

thanks in advance

Panos :pt1cable:
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  1. Did you install Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager, the X58 Software package? If you did not, you can get it here, but I don't know if it can recover a RAID built before it was installed. If not, install it and re-build your array through your BIOS - if you had a RAID 1, and you add the original RAID HDD first, you may be able to recover your array from it. If you had A RAID 0, it is probably lost.
  2. Thanks for the fast reply!

    I Already installed the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager but no the x58 softare... any ideas where i can find it... after i create the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager i must delete the raid and create new one? :O
  3. The motherboard drivers (X58 software) are on the CD that should have come with the motherboard; the CD would have the LAN drivers (if any), On-board sound, Intel Matrix Storage, and drivers for any other hardware integrated to your board.

    What is your RAID, 0? 1? other?

    If your RAID is RAID1 (mirroring):
    Can you boot to your OS? If so, open Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager, go to advanced view, select the volume you wish to add the HDD, add it and let the sofware re-build the volume.

    If you were using RAID0, you will likely have to create a new volume and re-install everything, but if you can boot to the OS, try using the steps above.
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